Talking about Witness to History – Part I

Came across this blog & thought it was worth noting

There are those who are still hurting from 9-11

I’ll be saying a prayer for Scott & hope that others will too


Witness to History – Part I


There are certain moments in all of our lives, when tragic or historic events conspire to permanently etch upon our memories the exact detail of time and place. For example, many people remember exactly where they were when Neil Armstrong first set foot upon the moon. Others recall with clarity when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I hadn’t been born yet when John F. Kennedy was assassinated on that fateful November day in Dallas, but I often hear the detailed recollections of many people who remember the exact moment when they first digested the news of the president’s death.

Perhaps the first momentous event of this nature that I can recall was the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. I was a high school sophomore at the time sitting in 7th hour chemistry class. Suddenly the p.a. crackled to life. This was very unusual for that time of day. In a very somber voice, the principle asked for everyone’s attention as he had important news to relate. He then proceeded to inform us of the attempt on Reagan’s life. Our chemistry teacher, Mr. Weisskopf, was dumbfounded. He started muttering, “Oh God, Oh God, I was in front of a class when Kennedy was shot!” I also vividly remember witnessing the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger on live television.

September 11, 2001 is a day that is seared upon our nation’s collective memory. Everyone old enough at that time remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard the news of the terrorist attacks. I was not as directly affected by that day’s events as some who experienced the tragedy firsthand or who lost loved ones when the towers fell, but my memories of that day are somewhat unique. You see, I am a pilot for United Airlines, and was on a layover that fateful day in New York City. I was scheduled to fly, later that afternoon, the same route as United Flight 93, the doomed airliner that mets it’s fate in the fields of rural Pennsylvania.

I am often asked by friends and family to recount the events that happened to me that day. My memories are powerful and evoke intense emotions when I tell the tale of that terrible day. Indeed, they seem to flicker like a movie being projected onto the screen of my mind’s eye. Experts believe this to be a symptom of post traumatic stress syndrome. Perhaps by committing my thoughts, feelings, and memories to paper it will have a cathartic effect.

Coming Monday – Part II "The Trip"

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi kidlet!Glad to see that you have gotten moved.:)

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