wow major life changes going on!

Hey it’s starting to get warm here in the northeast

spring is here summer is closely following

husband is actting like an a$$

so I’ve decided to start having some FUN!

 long over due!

I surprised the entire family & my friends by cutting my long hair

where I had hair almost to my ample buttocks

my hair is now only to my ears  &  the color has been changed

 from auburn to chestnut brown with gold hi-lites!

I’m proud to say that i donated my hair to

Locks of Love organization for the benefit of cancer victims

I hope that others who might consider going thru

a major life change & are considering to start

a dramatic hair cut will consider donating as well

I’d insert a link to their website but it’s too early in the morning

so after i get a few hours of sleep

I’ll update with the link for the website for others to consider

Love to the World out there

I’m saying a prayer that all who read this will have

as good of a day as I had yesterday

Your Sister in Christ


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